29 & 30, September 2018
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Where is the place of action?

The Skærbæk Fan Weekend is located - and that might be a bit surprising - in Skærbæk. It's a small village with a bit more than 3.000 citizens, located in southern Jutland. Doen't sound exciting? Boring you say? Well, there are two things no other place on the entire planet can offer:

Skærbæk is located just 80 kilometers south of Billund, the heart of LEGO!

And it has the Skærbæk Fritidscenter. And that means two big exhibition halls and more than 80 cosy cottages! No need for a car, AFOLs where ever you go - the entire weekend!

How to go there?

Well, Skærbæk is not København so basically a car is very handy.
But at least it's not impossible to use public transportation.

  • From Billund you have to take the bus to Esbjerg.
  • In Esbjerg you have to switch to the train to Skærbæk.
  • Arrived at Skærbæk you have to walk across the entire city to the other end.
    This won't take longer than a couple of minutes.
  • Be prepared that the trip will last approximately 3 hours (+/- 30 minutes).
  • For car sat-nav please use the address below.

Accommodation at Skærbæk Fritidscenter

Booking of cottages and meals has to be done directly at Skærbæk Kursus- og Fritidscenter via e-mail. It's not possible to book via Phone.


Skærbæk Kursus og Fritidscenter
Storegade 46-48, DK 6780 Skærbæk

  • The below meals are booked and paid directly to Skærbæk Kursus- og Fritidscenter when booking your cottage.
  • No adjustments can be made to the meal bookings later than two weeks before the event.
  • If ordering special meals a fee of 20 DKK will be added per meal order. Expections from this are regular vegetarians and diabetics.
  • It is not allowed to bring own food or drinks to the entire Fritidscenter.
  • Coffee, tea and water will be available in the LUG Lounge.
  • All meal tickets have to be collected at the reception.

All meals can be ordered sperately and will be served at the restaurant (first floor).

Thursday dinner buffet 18:30 - 19:3099,- DKK
Friday breakfast buffet 08:00 - 09:0070,- DKK
Friday lunch buffet 12:00 - 13:30109,- DKK
Friday dinner buffet 19:00 - 20:0099,- DKK
Saturday breakfast buffet 08:00 - 09:3070,- DKK
Saturday lunch buffet 12:00 - 13:30109,- DKK
Saturday barbecue dinner 18:30 - 00:00179,- DKK
Sunday breakfast buffet 08:00 - 09:0070,- DKK
Sunday lunch buffet 12:00 - 13:30109,- DKK
Sunday evening buffet 19:00 - 20:0099,- DKK
Monday breakfast buffet 07:00 - 10:0070,- DKK

Cottage prices

  • In total there are 81 cottages full of AFOLs!
  • All of the cosy cottages have 6 beds.
  • WiFi & Electricity is free of charge and sponsored by Skærbæk Fritidscenter.
  • Price for cottages does NOT include bed linen and end cleaning.
1 cottage, 2 nights1.770,- DKK (245,- EUR)4% discount
1 cottage, 3 nights2.220,- DKK (307,- EUR)5% discount
1 cottage, 4 nights2.670,- DKK (369,- EUR)7% discount
1 cottage, 5 nights3.050,- DKK (421,- EUR)9% discount
1 cottage, 6 nights3.450,- DKK (476,- EUR)11% discount
1 cottage, 7 nights3.780,- DKK (522,- EUR)14% discount
Bed linen per bed90,- DKK
End cleaning399,- DKK
Pets245,- DKK

Alternative accomodation

Since this event somehow became a bit popular not all AFOLs will be able to get one of the cosy cottages. If they are sold out, please refer to the forum for more discounted offers.
Food, or dinner tickets can be ordered via the Fritidscenter even if you are staying somewhere else.

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